MFL – Spanish

Languages is the one subject which all of my friends say they wish they had studied more at school, it is so essential to be able to speak a language to not only travel the world but also to work in an increasingly globalised work place.

Ms Torre (Head of MFL)


Exam Board: AQA

Qualification: GCSE Spanish

Assessment breakdown: Four equally weighted (25%) final exams as a 3 year linear course. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking examinations

Speaking a foreign language is a lifelong skill in high demand by the local and foreign industries. Most of the best London universities may request the study of a language at GCSE as an entrance requirement for certain degrees and many degrees are offered with the study of a foreign language alongside the opportunity to spend a year studying abroad under the ERASMUS scheme.

By learning Spanish, you will have access to greater opportunities to travel and work abroad. Through the GCSE syllabus, you will learn the key vocabulary and grammar needed to communicate in different contexts and topics that are interesting and engaging (relationships, holidays, environment, healthy living, media and technology, social issues).

Studying a new language is a challenge, but the lessons are fun, interactive and engaging, with your hard work and our support you will soon feel your improvement!

Skills Gained

  • communication, including reading, writing and speaking foreign languages
  • gathering, assessing and interpreting information
  • leading and participating in discussions and groups
  • conveying meaning precisely
  • presentation
  • responding to others – from discussions in oral classes
  • attention to detail
  • boost in personal confidence and independence
  • listening to other people
  • resilience
  • problem solving

Supporting Trips

  • Instituto Cervantes
  • Residential trip to Cantabria, Spain

Potential Careers

  • Interpreter
  • Translator
  • Modern language jobs in education
  • International development worker
  • Diplomacy
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Business, logistics and finance careers
  • Marketing, advertising and public relations (PR) careers