Government & Politics

Through studying Government and Politics students will research the key processes in governing the UK & USA and analyse the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Students will discover how the key concepts in politics, such as justice, freedom or equality, are contested and gain a broad understanding of such important issues as democracy, political participation, justice, civil liberties and elitism.

  • When students study Politics, they will be taught not what to think, but how to think:
  • how to gather relevant information and articulate arguments in a logical and clear fashion
  • how to deepen your understanding of a range of political institutions and workings
  • how to form independent judgements about some of the  major controversies of our age

Exam Board: Edexcel

Entry Requirements: Eight or more GCSEs at grades 9-4, including Grade 6 in English Language and Grade 6 in Humanities subject.

Skills Gained

  • understand the nature and significance of politics as a human activity
  • apply concepts, theories and methods to analysing political ideas, institutions and practices
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of different political systems, the nature and distribution of power in them; the social, economic, historical and cultural contexts within which they operate, and the relationships between them
  • evaluate different interpretations of political issues and events
  • demonstrate an understanding of the origins and evolution of international politics
  • gather, organise and deploy evidence, data and information from secondary and primary sources
  • identify, investigate, analyse, formulate and advocate solutions to problems
  • construct reasoned argument, synthesize information and exercise critical judgement
  • manage their own learning self-critically
  • communicate effectively and fluently in speech and writing
  • use communication and information technology to retrieve and present information, including statistical or numerical information
  • work independently, demonstrating initiative, self-organization and time-management

Potential Careers

  • UK Politics
  • Public Affairs
  • European institutions and related employers
  • Other International organisations
  • Think-tanks
  • NGOs
  • International development
  • Human Rights
  • Conflict, Peace and Security