Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behaviour. Students considering taking Psychology need to be curious and enjoy thinking about questions such as: How does memory work? Why do people have fears about common (and sometimes strange) objects? How do other people influence our behaviour? What is normal? Why do some people get more stressed than others?

Studying Psychology allows a better understanding of the human mind and how everyday behaviour is influenced by the world around us. It will enable the development of critical thinking and evaluative skills and the understanding of many social, scientific and contemporary issues involved in our daily life.

Exam Board: AQA

Entry Requirements: Eight or more GCSEs at grades 9-4 including a minimum grade 6 in English Language and Mathematics, and either a 6/6 in Combined Science or a 6 in Biology.

Skills Gained

  • Critical thinking skills – the ability to look at the same stimulus/human behaviour from varying perspectives and approaches.
  • Essay writing skills – these will be developed through 3 assessment objectives – accurately conveying knowledge (AO1), applying knowledge to specific material (AO2) and effective evaluation (AO3)
  • Acquire subject specific vocabulary that can help across subjects
  • Develop a more global perspective – will be exposed to varying global examples of human behaviour
  • Communication and people skills – you will develop your understanding of people and their motivations for their behaviour and be able to verbally communicate effectively with a variety of differing people

Supporting Trips

  • Freud Museum
  • Wellcome Collection
  • University Taster Day Sessions for Psychology
  • Science Museum
  • Bethlem Royal Hospital
  • University Lectures (various)

Possible Careers

  • Art therapist
  • Psychologist (occupational, health, sports, clinical, consumer, etc.)
  • Counsellor
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Teacher
  • Researcher
  • Child care worker
  • Recruitment Consultant