Uniform is now available from School Uniform Direct.

The uniform has been designed to reflect the high standards expected at the Academy, and is to be worn professionally and with pride at all times. We feel it is important that students learn to dress smartly and appropriately.

The wearing of uniform is strictly enforced, and parents should support us in helping create a positive and professional image and reputation for the Academy.

All our students – apart from Sixth Form, who are still expected to dress professionally – will adhere to the regulations regarding uniform outlined:


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Year 7 -11

Grey Academy Suit Jacket

Grey Trousers / Grey Knee Length Skirt

Burgundy Academy Tank Top

Academy Tie

Plain White Collared Shirt (Long or Short Sleeved)

Plain Black Socks / Tights (Without Any Pattern)

Plain Black Shoes

Clothing allowances are additionally available to help parents/carers (who live within the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham) to purchase school uniforms for their children. The clothing allowance is paid to children that are aged 11 and 14 before 1st September of the current year and is worth £79.

If you think your child is eligible for a School Clothing Grant, please complete the online application form.

Hair and Jewellery

No jewellery is to be worn except plain watches and one plain metal, discreet ear stud in each ear. We do not allow any visible piercings (including nose piercings) except ear studs. Hair must be worn in a style appropriate to a business environment (plaited or in a ponytail if long). Extreme hairstyles/colours and hair bands that undermine the ethos or discipline of the Academy will not be permitted. No make-up or nail polish is permitted except for Sixth Form. Headscarves and hijabs must be plain black or grey.


Plain black leather shoes are an essential part of the Academy uniform. These must be closed toe and not made of canvas or suede. Lace up shoes are permitted, boots are not acceptable (in particular ‘Kickers’ and ‘Timberland’ style boots). Shoes must be plain, with no branding and must not extend over the ankle bone.

Physical Education Kit

  • Academy Fitness T-shirt
  • Academy multi-sport top
  • Academy shorts
  • Academy Track suit
  • Academy sports socks
  • Non marking soled training shoes

All students

  • All HA students will use the Academy bag and PE kit bag
  • Coats must be plain and black and have no logos or branding
  • All hats, scarves and gloves must be removed before entering the Academy building

All judgements on acceptability can only be made by HA staff.

Uniform Policy