Year 6 Transition

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Starting secondary school can be both incredibly exciting and a bit daunting for both students and parents alike. There is so much to take in and so many new things to learn. To help make the transition process as smooth as possible, Hammersmith Academy has a dedicated Transition Leader in the Key Stage 3 Team who oversees the whole transition process.

Key Stage 3 Team

The Key Stage 3 Team will be your key point of contact at the Academy throughout your child’s time in Year 7-8. They will help your child settle into secondary school and ensure that your child stays on track with their attainment and development.

Pastoral team contact details:


Transition Tasks & Resources

You and your child will have received a transition pack from the Academy just before the summer holiday which prepares both the student and parent for life in secondary school. These tasks give an indication of the level of work they are expected to do when they start in September. The work submitted when they join in September will give an indication of the progress that individual student has made over the course of the summer holiday. There are also activities students and their families can do together throughout the summer break which they can share with us when they start their first day.

You can download the resources here:

Year 6 Parent Induction Booklet



Sports Day Activities Resource



Session 3 – Summer Activity Booklet



English Transition Task



History Transition Task



Maths Transition Task



Science Transition Task



Sports Day Activities Resource



Starting Secondary School Checklist

It is normal to feel nervous and excited a few days before starting secondary school. There is a lot to consider and prepare for, more so than primary school. To help you and your child prepare for the first day of school, we have created a quick checklist to make sure you don’t forget any pieces of equipment or uniform. Click to download and print.

Starting Secondary School – Checklist



Summer Transition School

Summer Transition Schools form an important part of young people settling into a new and sometimes daunting environment. Hammersmith Academy ran its very first transition camp during the summer of 2021 for  incoming Year 7 students.

The summer school programme was designed by Let Me Play with the aim of:

  • Allowing students to see their new school environment and become familiar with it.
  • Allowing schools to familiarise themselves with their new students; including identifying any additional needs they may have.
  • Maintaining learning over the summer holiday period.
  • Creating enthusiasm and enjoyment around education and learning in young people.

The five-day bespoke programme included the required balance of literacy and numeracy sessions alongside team building activities, sports, dance and creative arts. The activities were timetabled carefully to ensure an enjoyable yet challenging experience for participants of all abilities.

Activities included:

  • Daily Literacy and Math Workshops
  • Team Building Games/Challenges
  • Social Workshops: Whole group and small group work.
  • Active Zone/Summer Sports

Breakdown of Summer School government funding 

Cost (£)
Let Me Play 7,999.20
Catering – Labour 1,505.21
Catering – Food 846.03
Staffing x 3 1,793.95
Non- Attendance 166.65
Total 12,311.04

Frequently Asked Questions

What work should my child be doing to prepare them for secondary school?

  • All students will be provided with a summer work pack to complete over the summer holiday during the induction event. This work will need to be returned to the students’ teachers for marking in September.

Where and when will I be able to buy the uniform?

  • The Academy’s uniform supplier, School Uniform Direct are working hard to ensure the availability of uniform for your child. To keep parents updated they have launched a dedicated webpage with the latest information at

How will you ensure that my child doesn’t fall behind?

  • Students are regularly assessed and their results analysed in detail. Faculties and pastoral teams create bespoke interventions for any students that are not on track. The lessons are differentiated to challenge students at all levels.

I am worried about Covid-19 and my child starting secondary school.

  • The Academy has put in place a host of safety measures to make the school as Covid secure as possible. Please watch our safety video to familiarise yourself with what is expected of both students, staff and visitors.

What will September be like for my child starting secondary school?

  • It is very difficult for anyone to answer fully what September will be like. We are following the government guidance for schools and putting the safety of staff and students at the heart of every decision that we make.  Students will be in year group ‘bubbles’ and we are planning to ensure that this can happen. Plans are already in place to ensure a smooth migration to online learning in the event of a second peak and lockdown. We will continue to communicate at all stages and aim to make things as clear to our students and families in the quickest and most efficient way.

My child does not have many friends who will be joining me at Hammersmith Academy. How will class groups be decided?

  • Our induction days will help students settle in and meet their fellow classmates. Our induction activities are designed to help students make new friends and integrate into the Academy Community. After a couple of weeks, students become well adjusted to the daily routines with their new classmates. All classes at Hammersmith Academy are mixed ability. We make careful decisions when creating the groups considering a fair spread of ability and sex (male/female) and balancing any behavioural or special educational needs.

How will the Academy look after my child?

  • Hammersmith Academy has a vast pastoral team to support you and your child. The first point of contact is your tutor. In addition to the tutor your child will have a House Coordinator (HoCo), who looks after one of the four houses across the Academy. Each year group has a Student Achievement Manager (SAM) who looks after the whole year group. Students will also be supported by the Head of Lower School and the Assistant Headteacher for KS3, who is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). We have trained first aid staff and a School Nurse. If your child is ever worried or scared about anything they can tell any adult that they feel comfortable to talk to, their tutor would be the best place to start. The SENCO and counsellor are an extra level of support for some students.

What are the lessons like?

  • Lessons at Hammersmith Academy are 80 minutes long, students have four lessons in day. The lessons will begin with a ‘do now’ and there will be a daily, weekly or monthly review of previously learned materials. You will be presented with new concepts in small steps, including using models and guided student practice. The teachers will check for student understanding and ask lots of different types of questions. You should expect scaffold to support you with difficult tasks and anticipate challenge in your lessons. We ask all students to show resilience. All lessons will include independent practice, paired group and practical work where appropriate.

What are the rules like at Hammersmith Academy?

  • The rules at Hammersmith Academy are clear and consistently applied. There are high expectations of all students and we expect everyone to follow the rules at all times. We will have additional rules in relation to Covid-19, which equally must be followed at all times. A copy of the behaviour policy can be found on the Academy website:

What Clubs can my child take?

What food options do you have?

  • The Academy’s Cafeteria serves a range of meal options. There is always a halal, vegetarian or fish option.