Session 3

Hammersmith Academy is committed to the development of the whole child and our comprehensive additional curriculum gives students a range of opportunities to complement and extend their education. Session 3 clubs help students to embody the Hammersmith Academy character. Session 3 clubs are enjoyed by all ages and they provide students with a great opportunity to mix with others and learn new skills.

In order to further support our Key Stage 4 and 5 students during their preparation for GCSE, BTEC and A Level courses, we are offering a variety of Intervention Sessions. These allow students to access further support in their subject areas. Intervention Sessions are run by experienced and dedicated staff and provide an excellent opportunity for students to meet and exceed their target grades.

Intervention Sessions are either open to all or are ‘invite only’ due to the nature of the topic or subject. Interventions complement the learning that takes place in lessons and are usually focused on revision, coursework completion or developing study skills.

Session 3 Instagram

Visit our Session 3 Instagram page which has all the up-to-date activities and resources to help you complete the challenges. Teachers, Support Staff and students upload their experiences and leave messages of encouragement for the Academy community.

Visit the Session 3 Instagram page here.