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    Finding Us

    We are in easy reach from various methods of transport:

    94, 237, 266. 207, 260, 283, 228

    Goldhawk Road (Hammersmith and City Line), Ravenscourt Park (District Line)

    Limited parking is available at Hammersmith Academy. Visitors are encouraged to travel via public transport.

    Should you choose to travel by car please be advised that on street parking is available at a cost of £1.10 per half hour (as of April 2013) chargeable between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm (Mon-Fri).

    Hammersmith Academy
    25 Cathnor Road
    W12 9JD

    t: 020 8222 6000
    f: 0208 222 6728



Exam Information


Exam Information

Contingency plans in the event of a cancellation of the summer exams

If, in the very unlikely event, examinations are cancelled, Ofqual have confirmed that grades will be determined through teacher assessment – Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs). The full details of their proposal, and their reasoning for this decision, are available here:

We have already spoken to all Year 13 & Year 11 students throughout the year, and in an assembly, about these contingency plans. Schools were asked, by Ofqual, to plan assessment opportunities for TAGs in advance. They stated that the timetable of assessments should include the opportunity to gather some evidence early in the academic year, for example, before Christmas. The aim of this is to protect against further disruption that may happen in 2022. The assessments must provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding across the full range of content that they have been taught. Ofqual suggested that a sensible pattern was to plan to assess students once in each of the second half of the autumn term (our December mock exam series) the spring term (our March mock series), and the first half of the summer term (assessments will be completed in class under exam conditions).

Students are aware that:

  • these assessments may form part of a TAG judgement (only if required).
  • those students who are entitled to access arrangements/reasonable adjustments such as small room, use of laptop, etc. have access to that dispensation.
  • they must take the assessment simultaneously; where there is more than one class in a cohort the assessment will be scheduled to take place in the Hall/Gym.
  • some of the assessments will take place in class, specifically those where simultaneous completion can be assured.
  • examinations are expected to proceed as normal, and this TAG process is only in place as a contingency measure.

The advanced information given to students by the exam boards for Summer 2022 exams

On Monday 7th February 2022, the exam boards released advanced information which is designed to give students and their teachers some help for revision ahead of the summer exams. Each subject has been issued additional guidance and we have collated this information from the different exam boards in a standardised format to support students and parents in interpreting this information.

The standardised format will contain the following information:

  • Which topics must students revise for in summer 2022.
  • Which topics have been omitted from the exams in 2022.
  • An explanation from each Head of Department how will this impact on mock exams.
  • An explanation of how this information will inform the structure of the remaining course and revision in class between now and the summer exams.
  • A web link to the specific exam board information which was released to teachers and students.

Students will receive their revision lists directly from their teachers.

Please follow the links below where you will find the relevant subject information. Please feel free to contact the relevant Head of Department if you have any questions.

What you need to know about Covid measures this summer

There may be instances where students contract the virus during the exam period, as we continue to live with COVID-19. The Department of Education has provided information about this here: 

What happens if my child is sick on the day of an exam?

If a student is unable to attend and exam due to sickness they must contact the Exams Officer (Ms Lucie Hrabankova) at to request the self-certification form. The form must be filled by both the student and the parent/carer and then returned to the Exams Officer so that it can be verified by the Academy before being submitted to the relevant exam board as a part of the special consideration application.

The form can be filled out on a computer, however, the signature must be handwritten and electronic signatures will not be accepted.

The special consideration application will allow the exam board to consider whether it can award the student a grade

What evidence do I have to provide if my child tests positive for Covid?

Although there won’t be an expectation for you to provide any proof that you have contracted Covid-19, the DfE does suggest taking a photograph of a positive test result if that is possible.

Please note that if the centre has a reason to believe that the student has lied about their illness, then the Self certification form cannot be completed. The form also makes it clear to students and parents that a false claim carries heavy consequences (e.g. disqualification if they claim to be ill when they are not).

What is advanced exam information?

This is information about content that will be assessed in the exam, this allows students to focus their revision. Details are available on the school website and teachers have explained advance exam information to students.

When is results day? What will happen?

GCSE results day is on Thursday 25th August, and the results will be shared with the students electronically. Students must ensure they have access to their school email account. A member of centre staff will be available after the publication of results if you wish further assistance with examination results enquires.

For any exams related questions contact directly the exams officer Ms L Hrabankova at


GCSE Pod is a really useful online tool with a lot of resources and revision tips.

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