Junior Leadership Team

The Junior Leadership Team (JLT) serves as a platform for students to express and exchange their viewpoints on crucial aspects of school life.

It empowers students to contribute actively and develop leadership skills essential for life beyond the classroom. Through the JLT, students engage in discussions, enhancing communication and critical thinking.

They assume leadership roles, becoming role models for others, fostering responsibility and resilience. The JLT also demonstrates British values by promoting values such as tolerance and democracy.

The JLT plays a key part in developing the HA character, building active citizens who contribute positively to the Hammersmith Academy school community and beyond.


Anti-Racism and Diversity

Promotes inclusivity, equity, and combating racism within the school community. This group works to raise awareness about racial issues, organise educational initiatives, and advocate for policies that promote diversity and equality. They strive to create a safe and respectful environment where all individuals are valued, celebrated, and empowered, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Events and Community

Committed to coordinating and promoting annual school events that actively support fundraising efforts for meaningful causes including Children in Need and Cancer Research. This team collaborates to plan and execute various activities, such as cultural celebrations, fundraisers and other community gatherings. Their goal is to create opportunities for students, staff, and the wider community to come together, celebrate diversity, build connections, and contribute to a vibrant and inclusive school community.

Personal Development and Wellbeing

Focuses on promoting and enhancing the overall personal growth and well-being of students. This team collaborates to gather student perspectives, identify areas for improvement, and implement initiatives that address mental health, social-emotional learning, resilience, and other aspects of well-being, ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment for all students.


Focuses on creating a supportive and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students and their allies. This group advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, organises events, and provides resources and support to promote acceptance, equality, and understanding within the school community. They work towards fostering a safe and affirming space where all students can express their identities and celebrate diversity.

Teaching and Learning

Dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for students and promoting effective teaching practices within the school. This group collaborates to identify teaching methods which help students learn more. They aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that students receive quality instruction and have access to engaging and meaningful learning experiences.