Our SENCO is Mr Tariq Hillman.  Email:

The member of SLT with responsibility for SEND is Ms Constance Walker. 


Hammersmith Academy’s offer for special educational needs and disability

Special Educational Needs Information Report



SEND Policy



How does the Academy increase disabled pupils’ ability to participate in curriculum?

  • We provide games as well as PE, as it is easier to access.
  • We provide a lift pass to those students who require one so they can access all subjects.
  • We provide TA support to students who cannot scribe/read/hear/see.
  • We ensure that quality first teaching has differentiation throughout for all types of learners’  needs.
  • Our curriculum is not dependant upon a specific skill set, but broad and balanced (Expressive Arts, Performing Arts, English, Maths, STEM and Humanities) and is accessible to all. Our extra-curricular offer also ensures breadth and depth so that all learners with all types of need can access it.
  • All areas of the school are accessible for wheelchairs, using lifts and ramps.


What accessibility arrangements does the Academy provide for students who qualify for support?

  • a reader
  • scribe
  • laptop
  • rest breaks
  • extra time
  • modified papers
  • enlarged papers
  • a separate room
  • differentiated start times

Local Authority Offer

  • You can also view the Local Offer link for Hammersmith and Fulham here.
  • Parents of children living in Ealing should click here for their local authority’s local offer.
  • Families living in Kensington and Chelsea should click here.
  • Residents living in Hounslow click here.
  • Families of children living in Westminster should click here.

Webinars for Parents

We are in the process of producing a series of webinars designed for parents to help you support your child’s learning and development.  Please click on the videos you are interested in.