Biology is one of the most challenging and rewarding A Level courses.  Continual developments in genetics, cellular and molecular biology make this an exciting field of study. Biology is always in the headlines.  A popular A Level subject it attracts students that study a wide range of other subjects.

Biology provides students with solid foundation knowledge and understanding of key biological processes. Starting at the cellular level, students will study the components of cells as well as their role in respiration, protein production, enzyme action and DNA replication. Some key systems are also studied in detail including the respiratory and circulatory systems of a number of different organisms. In addition, students also study the hierarchical relationships between organisms, how they are related and their mating behaviour.

Students who enjoy the subject can eventually choose a biologically related degree course and others may go on to careers in law, computing, accounting or teaching. Whatever field you eventually work in, you will find this course will help you to develop many of the skills essential for a successful career.

Exam Board: AQA

Entry Requirements: Eight or more GCSEs at grades 9-4 including a minimum grade 6 at GCSE in Biology or 6/6 in GCSE Combined Science or 5/5/6 in Triple Science (with a 6 in Biology).
Applicants must have a grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics, and grade 6 in GCSE English Language.

Skills Gained

  • Plan, carry out, analyse, and evaluate scientific investigations
  • Critically evaluate evidence from scientific sources
  • Apply mathematical and problem-solving skills to scientific contexts
  • View the world with a sceptical eye
  • Use technical skills and language to explain complex ideas

Potential Careers

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Education
  • Law
  • Research
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy