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    Finding Us

    We are in easy reach from various methods of transport:

    94, 237, 266. 207, 260, 283, 228

    Goldhawk Road (Hammersmith and City Line), Ravenscourt Park (District Line)

    Limited parking is available at Hammersmith Academy. Visitors are encouraged to travel via public transport.

    Should you choose to travel by car please be advised that on street parking is available at a cost of £1.10 per half hour (as of April 2013) chargeable between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm (Mon-Fri).

    Hammersmith Academy
    25 Cathnor Road
    W12 9JD

    t: 020 8222 6000
    f: 0208 222 6728



Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Opportunities Beyond the Classroom


Community is central to our students’ time at Hammersmith Academy and we are proud of the way our students interact with each other, with neighbours near and far, and with organisations that rely upon the next generation to take the lead. Our students leave HA with a well-rounded education that ensures that they have a wide understanding and empathy for the world we live in.


Sixth Formers have plenty of opportunities to develop leadership skills in the heart of our community. Our Sixth Form students can apply to become part of the Sixth Form Leadership Team and take responsibility for ensuring positive interactions throughout the Academy day. The Team are also the first point of contact for many of our visitors, giving guided tours and welcoming parents and guests to the school. They also lead Sixth Form initiatives, meet with senior staff and represent the Academy at formal events.

Giving Back

All Sixth Formers participate in the HA Elective programme, making a commitment to offer at least one hour’s unpaid work a week to support the community – at school, home or working with a charity. We want our young adults to take the lead in making a commitment to the wider world, but it is also something which we know will be of personal benefit, developing essential transferable skills for the future.

Educational Visits and Adventure

Our aspirational environment is complemented by educational visits. As part of the Insight Programme, students are invited to attend seminars and lectures at venues throughout London, as well as receiving invitations and information about wider cultural and intellectual activities. Some of these will be run by members of staff, and for others we facilitate and expect the students to take the lead.

BES Expedition to the Peruvian Amazon

BES Expedition to the Peruvian AmazonWe are proud to be one of very few schools in the UK to be part of the British Exploring Society Ambassador Programme. Students in Year 12 can apply to travel to the Peruvian Amazon, the Canadian Yukon or Iceland on a large scale summer expedition. The lucky students who are selected face challenges, gain skills and learn much about themselves and the fragile environments that they explore. The experience is life-changing – not just in terms of the skills they learn and the resilience gained, but in a new-found confidence and self-belief which they take forward into the future. We also support our students to take part in exciting opportunities such as the Windsor Fellowship’s UK-US Dialogue Programme and summer research programmes, all of which develop skills which have a profound impact on the future success of individuals in education, employment and life.

We know that employers and universities put a premium on these kind of community and life skills, and we believe that this aspect of the Sixth Form education is an essential part of students’ personal growth and preparation for adult life. However it’s also about nurturing personable, committed and engaged future citizens who leave the Academy well-prepared to step up and play a role in a challenging world.