Hammersmith Academy students continue trend of high achieving GCSE results and exceed national expectation

24 Aug 2023

Hammersmith Academy is celebrating outstanding GCSE results, going against the grain of a downturn in top grades being awarded nationally.

Among the notable statistics, a staggering 78% of the grades awarded were at levels 9-4, significantly higher than the national average of 69%.

Moreover, 61% of Hammersmith Academy students achieved a strong pass in mathematics (grade 9-5). Equally impressive is the fact that 74% of students attained a strong pass in English (grade 9-5).

Impressively, 30% of all grades awarded falling within the prestigious grades 9-7 range.

The Academy’s commitment to a well-rounded education is further highlighted by the fact that 73% of students were entered for the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) with 51% achieving the EBacc, both figures far above the national average. This emphasis on a broad and balanced education ensures that students are not only academically accomplished but also equipped with a diverse skillset to excel in all aspects of life.

The English Baccalaureate is a qualification that measures students’ achievement in English, mathematics, science, history or geography, and a modern foreign language.

Hammersmith Academy’s 2023 GCSE results showcase a commitment to fostering academic excellence, coupled with a holistic approach to education, continuing to shape the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.


GCSE Standout Successes

  • Ayushi Fernando was the Academy’s top performer, scoring an outstanding 9 grade 9s. She said, “Prior to opening my email I was feeling nervous but hopeful, but when I saw my results I was overjoyed and very relieved to finally see the culmination of two years of hard work. I am still slightly in disbelief! Since day one I have constantly been supported by not only my teachers, but my friends and I believe it creates a collaborative environment. Very beneficial and essential in securing the grades that I have received, support from teachers outside of class time was especially useful for me. I am looking forward to continuing my education at Sixth Form with the same focus and dedication.
  • Anisha Ali was also awarded 7 grade 9s and 3 grade 8s. She commented, “When I opened my results, I felt super proud of myself. It’s a great feeling to know that my hard work over the last few years has been worth it. I am incredibly grateful to all of my teachers and friends who were always there to give me advice and help when I needed it. Achieving these results has given me the confidence and motivation to go on to achieve bigger and better things in the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last five years at Hammersmith Academy, and I am really looking forward to staying here to study A Levels at Sixth Form.”
  • Zoe Kemp achieved 8 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s. She added, “I had to double check my name and, when it sunk in I was so happy! The opportunities at HA have been amazing. Take part in what is offered and see where it takes you. For every subject I did extra work and got the teachers to mark it. I was worried about my English so I think I did every past paper possible and the teachers never complained about the extra work, Thank you English department! …and all the departments the teachers are amazing and always have time for you. Now I’m off to Reading to party!”
  • Leo Marshallsay accomplished 4 grade 9s and 5 grade 8s. He said, “Seeing the grades was a great relief, as the nerves and uncertainty had been building up as we got closer and closer to results day. I found that the subject specific textbooks the Academy provided with for free were incredibly useful, allowing me to effectively work during study leave. The support in lessons from all of my teachers was also incredible, allowing me to work both independently and cooperatively. I am looking forward to focusing on a smaller range of subjects that I enjoy and find a greater freedom of being a Sixth Form ”
  •  Georgia Marshallsay accomplished 4 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s and 2 grade7s. She said, “When I saw my first result I felt very excited because I could finally see that my hard work had paid off and I knew that when I looked back at that moment I could be proud of myself because of everything I put into my exams. I felt extremely supported by all my teachers I had who helped me just so that I could reach my own potential often offering their own time to mark practise papers or help me with a certain area of the subject I might have been struggling in and am very grateful for them. I am really excited to be taking my favourite subjects and doing more of what I love doing most. Like me, I recommend that if you don’t know exactly what you want to do you pick what you love most.”
  • Ayushi Mehra was awarded 7 grade 9s and 3 grade 8s.
  • Erion Qamili was awarded 5 grade 9s, 4 grade 7s and a grade 7.


Headteacher, Gary Kynaston, said “Congratulations to the Year 11 cohort on such a strong set of GCSE results. Not only were the results impressive as a whole, there were outstanding individual successes. This is all the more pleasing given the reduced number of top grades nationally this year.

We have invested in our students with support with revision materials and a personal device to use at home to ensure each and every student maximises their GCSE potential. This investment has been handsomely rewarded!

I wish to thank all our staff in their efforts in supporting the students to such heights. Students should undoubtedly be proud of their own achievements and we look forward to seeing many of them return to the Academy as fully fledged Sixth Form students and starting their A Level courses.”

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