Student Wellbeing

At Hammersmith Academy, we understand that education encompasses more than just academics. We believe that supporting the wellbeing of our students is equally as important. In today’s fast-paced world, it is crucial to nurture both the minds and bodies of our future leaders.

Why Student Wellbeing Matters

We recognise that a healthy and happy student is better able to thrive and succeed in school and in all areas of life. That is why we place great emphasis on providing a comprehensive student wellbeing programme. By fostering a supportive environment, we empower our students to develop resilience, emotional intelligence, and mental wellbeing.

Parent Involvement

We believe that student wellbeing is a collaborative effort between the school and parents. We encourage parents to actively engage in their child’s wellbeing journey, building a strong partnership and open communication channels. By working together, we can ensure consistent support for our students, both at home and in their school environment.

The Academy is committed to providing a supportive and nurturing environment for our students. We understand that when students feel safe, valued, and supported, they can truly flourish in all areas of their lives. Join us in prioritising student wellbeing and setting the foundation for their lifelong success.

Accessing Student Wellbeing Services

To access our student wellbeing services at Hammersmith Academy, the process begins by discussing the need for additional support with the student’s tutor. They will then refer the student to their pastoral team for assessment.

The pastoral team will carefully review each referral and assess the student’s circumstances. Factors such as wellbeing, emotions, academic performance, and specific needs are considered.

Based on the assessment, the pastoral team will determine the most suitable student wellbeing services for each individual student. This ensures that the support provided is tailored to their specific needs.
Our referral process ensures that resources are used effectively and efficiently. Confidentiality and sensitivity are maintained throughout the process.

If you believe that your child or a student in your care would benefit from our student wellbeing services, please reach out to their tutor to initiate the referral process. Your child’s pastoral team is here to support you throughout.


To ensure that our students receive the best possible support, we work in collaboration with a range of wellbeing providers, ensuring student’s holistic needs are catered for. These providers include in-house counsellors, support from Hammersmith & Fulham, and charitable organisations.