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    Limited parking is available at Hammersmith Academy. Visitors are encouraged to travel via public transport.

    Should you choose to travel by car please be advised that on street parking is available at a cost of £1.10 per half hour (as of April 2013) chargeable between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm (Mon-Fri).

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BBC brings power of storytelling to Hammersmith Academy

To mark the BBC’s centenary, the corporation launched Share Your Story, a landmark project that inspires young people to achieve their career goals and help realise their ambitions. A special interactive assembly sees BBC stars and staff using the power of storytelling to share personal stories of resilience, career journeys and the work of the BBC.

Hammersmith Academy welcomed BBC’s Chief Content Officer, Charlotte Moore and fashion historian and broadcaster, Amber Butchart, to share their story with students. Hosted by presenter, Jasmine Takhar, guests were asked about how they came to be in their careers, what advice they would give to those looking to get into the media profession and their favourite BBC moments.

Students were fascinated to discover Charlotte’s role in what shows are made and which ones make it on to television, BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds. Charlotte was asked about her favourite shows that she has worked on including The Great British Bake Off and Dr Who, what shows are returning and which television and radio stars she has worked with. Charlotte then turned the tables and asked students about their viewing habits, their favourite shows and what programmes they would like to see being made.


Amber, spoke about her passions in fashion and history and how they have led to a career as an historian, author, broadcaster and lecturer. She emphasised the importance of allowing personal interests and passions to influence subject choices and potential careers. Students were keen to ask about who had influenced her own style and about her show, A Stitch in Time. What really grabbed the students’ attention was Amber’s work on forensic garment analysis, helping to solve crimes through clues left behind on clothing.


The event closed with the BBC encouraging students to share their stories by becoming a BBC Young Reporter, the BBC’s journalism and media project which supports young people to develop content creation skills, find out about careers in broadcasting and share their own stories.

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Hammersmith Academy celebrates GCSE Results that far exceed national expectations

Hammersmith Academy GCSE students bucked the trend of a national downturn in results by surpassing the country’s 2021 GCSE attainment measures, which are regarded as the highest achieving cohort to date.

Impressively, 80% of Hammersmith Academy students attained grades between levels 9-4 and 81% of students were entered for the English Baccalaureate (EBacc), twice as many students achieving the challenging EBacc accreditation when compared to national figures.

The Academy maintains its outstanding record in English and Mathematics with 84% of students achieving a grade 9-5 in English and 82% achieving a grade 9-4 in Mathematics.

In terms of progress, both girls and boys at the Academy outperform their national counterparts.


GCSE Standout Successes

  • Yosif Ali was the Academy’s top performer, scoring an outstanding 10 grade 9s. He said, “I am happy and I really feel the hard work I put in has paid off. It has been an extremely uncertain time as this was the first year of examination after the lockdown and the online learning due to Covid made the GCSEs even more stressful for most of us. The Academy has supported us with intervention sessions before every exam, and the DT department also helped me with my coursework immensely. I would like to thank Ms. Ferrell for supporting with my course work, Arkwright application and many other projects over my time at the Academy. I would also like to thank Mr Fitchett for expanding my horizons and giving me confidence in my Sixth Form application, and Mr Flitton for the hard work he has put into teaching the Further Maths course in just a year. I am looking forward to my fresh start in Sixth Form.”
  • Abdellah Zinet was awarded 7 grade 9s, 2 grade 7s and a grade 6. He added, “I feel very proud and fulfilled by my results due to the hard work and perseverance I poured into my examinations. My family and I are very pleased with my results. Although GCSEs were a really tough time, I believe the help of the Academy and the constantly available resources gave me that edge. It relieved our stress and made it feel do-able. The Academy has supported me through the constant revision opportunities such as extra help from teachers, extra lessons and revision resources. I would like to thank Mr Flitton, Mr Beattie, Miss Millar, Mr Bridle, for their constant support and welcoming nature, their fun engaging lessons and personalities urged me to do well. I am looking forward to the future with its challenging opportunities and successes.”
  • Winnie Chan attained 5 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s, 3 grade 7s and a grade 6. She said, “I feel relieved about my results as I just started studying GCSEs in Year 10. English Literature and Language are the most challenging subjects for me because English is not my first language. I am grateful to have Ms Moore and Ms Millar as my English teachers, as well as the support from the English Department. I’d like to thank Ms Slav and Mr DeCarolis giving me advice in music listening exam and composition. Finally, I want to thank Mr Fitchett who supported me throughout the year. I look forward to new opportunities and being part of the Academy Sixth Form next year.”
  • Kawther Hussain attained 4 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s and 2 grade 7s. She said, “I feel incredibly proud of my results – it’s the best feeling knowing all my hard work finally paid off. Similarly, my parents are delighted because they too, have seen the effort I have put in over the last 3 years. Our GCSE journey has been far from normal, but we overcame the obstacles, sat our exams, and can look back knowing it was worth the struggle. The Academy definitely played a big part in my achievements, the continuous resources, support, and dedication from all the staff, really made a difference. I am grateful for every one of my teachers, especially Mr Flitton, Mr Savvidis and Miss Lopez-Cantos, all of whom have gone above and beyond to prepare me for my exams. I am looking forward to going into Sixth Form, and having the ability to study A-Levels I enjoy.”
  • Thomas Albery achieved an impressive 5 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s and a grade 7.
  • Samuel Grange scored 3 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s and a grade 7.
  •  Anastasia Loutchina-Myndiuk achieved 3 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s, 2 grade 7s and a grade 6.
  • Sara Okwara Brambilla was awarded 3 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s and 3 grade 7s.
  • Elaha Hasanzadeh scored 3 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s and 5 grade 7s.
  • Mahamed Elmi accomplished 3 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s, a grade 7 and 2 grade 6s.

Headteacher, Gary Kynaston, said “Congratulations go to our Year 11 students who have excelled in their GCSEs. The Academy has always had an outstanding record, but the attainment of this year’s cohort is all the more impressive given a downturn in grades is anticipated nationally.

To have exceeded last year’s national attainment measures demonstrates what a strong academic foundation Hammersmith Academy rests upon. Our impressive results are down to the hard work and dedication of both students and teachers, as well as a testament to the thorough and rapid planning of our Senior Leadership Team, staff and governors at the very start of the pandemic ensuring no student was disadvantaged by any disruption to learning and progress. The Academy’s early investment in it’s Digital Equality Programme saw every student provided with a personal Chromebook for home schooling, resulting in an agile transition between school and home learning. All of this has added to a strong post Covid recovery strategy.

Students should be very proud of not only their achievements, but for also demonstrating resilience and determination to succeed throughout the last three years of their course. I also congratulate parents and families who have worked with us in supporting their children throughout. We look forward to welcoming our cohort into the Sixth Form to begin the next steps of their academic journey.”

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Hammersmith Academy Sixth Form celebrates A-Level success and continuing Oxbridge tradition

Hammersmith Academy Sixth Form students celebrate A-Level and BTEC success with 50% of all grades awarded A*-B, bucking a national downturn in top grades awarded over the past two years.

There have been fantastic results across the academic departments with notable successes in Geography, Politics, Physics, Further Maths, Psychology, Sociology and Spanish.

In addition to 50% of all grades awarded A*-B, an impressive 80% of all grades were awarded A*-C.

Matthew Sanetra and Mai Kheir maintain the Academy’s Oxbridge success gaining places at Oxford University.

A-Level Standout Successes

Hamza Huda attained the Academy’s top score with A*A*A*A and will study Computer Science at Queen Mary University, London.

Matthew Sanetra achieved A*A*AB, and goes on to study Computer Science at Magdalen College, University of Oxford. He said, “I am ecstatic at achieving my offer – it feels surreal! Everyone in my family is extremely proud and there is an overwhelming amount of joy among us all. I have found it to be a very challenging year, but I believe I am now much better prepared for whatever the future brings. The Academy has been amazing for the whole 7 years I have been there. They have always supported me with exploring the fields I am interested in and without them I am confident that I would not have achieved as well. I am now extremely excited to study at Oxford and to focus on the subjects I love.”

Batoul Gheleb accomplished an impressive A*A*AA to secure a place at University of Warwick, to study Computer Science. She said of her experience, “I feel relieved and excited to move on with the next chapter of my life. It was sometimes difficult to revise the specifics of the advanced information available to students, but the staff did their best to support, providing readymade and easy to access revisions tools. I’m grateful for all staff members that supported my progress all throughout my time at Hammersmith Academy. I’m very much looking forward to university life and completing my degree!”

Lisa Dang attained A*A*AA and will study Theology & Religion at University College, University of Durham. She said, “I feel relieved about my results, especially as the exam boards announced that grades would be lower this year. My parents are proud as I’m the first person in my family to go to university. The Academy has supported me with retaking exams and they really helped to integrate me back into school. I’d like to thank Ms Harrowes who helped me with my application and choosing Durham as a place to study and I can’t wait to move and start studying in-depth.”

Lucia Beautyman was awarded A*A*AA achieving a place at King’s College London to study Geography. She said, “I did better than I expected and my family are really happy for me! It has been a disrupted few years with Covid and the advanced information helped me a lot to structure my revision and which topics to prioritise and focus on. The Academy really helped us with interventions which gave extra support and I want to thank Ms Harrowes who provided UCAS advice and to Ms Moss in psychology.”

Osuke Miyamaru attained A*AA, and goes on to Imperial College London to read Biological Sciences. He said, “I’m delighted that I have managed to get my place at a top university with world-leading research. It wasn’t the easiest A-Levels with Covid disruptions; however, the teachers helped us through. I’m really grateful for the opportunities the Academy has provided for me over the past few years, and I am looking forward to researching further into the field of Ecology which I find exhilarating.”

Kristy Oliveira Baker scored A*A*A to achieve a place at University of Exeter to read History.

Sumaya Ahmed accomplished AAA and now heads to Queen Mary University, London to study Biomedical Sciences. She said, “After a long 2 years, I’m relieved that my hard work has paid off. You never know what to expect with exams but I’m glad I achieved what I was aiming for. Our year group has had a unique experience with Covid causing disruption but thanks to the help of our supportive teachers and careers team we still managed to persevere. I’m looking forward to the rest of the holiday and starting a new chapter in my life!”

Mai Kheir attains her place at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford to start an English Foundation Year. She added, “Considering the difficult circumstances of the last two years, I’m happy with the results I achieved. I think we all found these disrupted years difficult to handle but all being in the same boat, we were able to support and help each other. The Academy and the teachers have always been incredibly supportive, helping me through many challenging moments, and I hold great gratitude towards the teachers. I would like to thank all of my English teachers, particularly Dr Runacres, without whom I don’t think I would have recognised my appreciation for Literature. I’m looking forward to the new experiences, growth and opportunities that come with stepping out of the school setting and into university, and to expand my knowledge of a subject that I am very excited to explore.”

Headteacher, Gary Kynaston, said, “We are delighted that the hard work and dedication of our students is reflected in a brilliant set of A-Level results.

Sixth Form students receiving their A-Level results today are the first cohort to sit national examinations since 2019 and who themselves have not had the experience of national examinations during their secondary education. That in itself is a huge challenge and our students should be very proud of their achievements.

A large part of the success is also down to our teaching staff who have supported students and prepared them thoroughly over two years of their courses, ensuring students perform to the best of their abilities in an examination setting.

Hammersmith Academy continues its reputation as an institution that sends students to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities and onto competitive and challenging courses.
Congratulations to our Sixth Formers and we wish them the very best of luck as they now approach the next stage of their academic and professional journeys. We look forward to seeing their future success and staying in touch as members of our alumni community.”

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Rugby students join England Men’s Team training session

Hammersmith Academy students spent the day at King’s House School Sports Ground where the England Men’s Rugby Team were training for their upcoming tour to Australia in July.

Following the squad’s training session, Head Coach, Eddie Jones and his coaching staff put students through their paces with a training session of their own!

Thank you to the team for taking time out to meet with our students, signing autographs and providing life-long memories!

(Photo by Alex Davidson – RFU/The RFU Collection via Getty Images)



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Hammersmith Academy Celebrates Decade of Excellence

The Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham, MP Andy Slaughter, and entrepreneur, philanthropist and Hammersmith Academy founder Tom Ilube CBE joined Headteacher, Gary Kynaston and guests to mark the Academy’s first decade.

Since opening in September 2011, the Academy has gone on to educate 2,765 of the borough’s young people, providing them with a challenging modern education coupled with extensive access to socio-economic and personal development opportunities. The Academy has become the school of choice for many families in the borough and last year received over 1,000 Sixth Form applications.

The Celebration Evening featured an art exhibition of the latest student pieces.

Year 7 students performed a self-devised drama piece during the evening.


The evening of celebration brought together the Academy’s sponsors, The Mercers’ Company and The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, dignitaries, partners, alumni, parents, staff and governors to say a collective thank you for their support since the school’s founding.

Alumni shared their experiences of the Academy and how opportunities provided by partner organisations have had a direct impact on them and their personal journey, leading to studying at Oxford University and Russell Group universities, working for Chelsea Football Club and Goldman Sachs and embarking on expeditions to the Amazon rainforest.

Alumni shared their Hammersmith Academy journeys with the audience during the evening.

Gary Kynaston, Headteacher, Hammersmith Academy, said “These ten years have been an incredible journey for the Academy. To grow from an initial concept to the respected academic institution that it is today at the heart of our community has only been possible through collaboration between our staff, students, sponsors, local community, parents and partners. We all share a pride in what we have created and the difference we continue to make to the lives of our young people. I thank all those who have come on this journey with us.”


Tom Ilube CBE, Hammersmith Academy Founder, said “I sat down with another chap in a café somewhere in north London and we sketched out the idea of a brand new school that had technology, design and creativity right at its heart. We had a vision back then but it’s gone beyond that. The school has taken on a life of its own, the students and staff, they shape the school to what it needs to be for this community and each generation of students define it again. In a sense, the Academy keeps getting relaunched every year as a new group of students come in, go through the school so its been a real joy to see it evolve beyond me and beyond my vision.”


Chair of Governors, Tom Hartley (L) in conversation with Hammersmith Academy Founder, Tom Ilube CBE (R)

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Students discuss examinations on BBC London news

Year 11 and Year 13 students react to The release of information about the summer exams from Ofqual and the exam boards. BBC London was there to discuss how they felt about the updates.

Students in Year 11 and Year 13 across the country have been eagerly awaiting information about GCSE and A Level examinations that will take place in summer 2022.
These students have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and to address this exam boards released advanced information for each of the subjects, detailing which topics will appear in the final exams and which are to be omitted.

BBC reporter, Tolu Adeoye interviewed Yosif, Malaak, Amber and Ali to get their reaction at the information and how it affects their preparations.



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Secretary of State for Education praises Hammersmith Academy on BBC and TES

Following the Secretary of State for Education’s visit to Hammersmith Academy, Mr Zahawi appeared on the BBC to talk about the return to school for students in January.

During the interview, Mr Zahawi praised the efforts of Hammersmith Academy staff for keeping schools open with routine Covid testing and the wearing of facemasks. Speaking with Sophie Raworth, he particularly praised the support staff for going above and beyond in order to carry out the whole school testing asked by the government.

Mr Zahawi also appeared in a TES feature and again praised Hammersmith Academy, this time on the Academy’s expectations on behaviour and pastoral care.


An extract from the TES article:

Zahawi has previously pledged to put wellbeing “at the centre of everything we do in schools”, which he sees as working alongside clear behaviour policies. He lavishes praise on Hammersmith Academy in West London, at which pupils “wear a smart suit, are expected to behave with respect and to be in school ready to learn, but also they do lots of pastoral care”.

But Zahawi wants to probe why schools with similar intakes are seeing different attendance levels. He thinks it partly comes down to school culture, and holds up Hammersmith Academy in London – again – as an exemplar.

“The pastoral work that the school does, the relationship they have with parents…they can have really meaningful conversations and have that support,” he says.


Read about the Secretary of State for Education’s visit to Hammersmith Academy here. 


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Secretary of State for Education visits Hammersmith Academy

Secretary of State for Education, Nadhim Zahawi, visited Hammersmith Academy on the first day of the spring term to see students and staff getting back into the school routine.



The visit began with a tour of the Academy, which included the newly opened SEN Base, classroom suites and refurbished fitness suite.  Mr Zahawi stopped by a variety of classes to ask students about their learning experience and joined them in lesson activities. Students were keen to showcase why the Academy was named Sustainable School of the Year at the Global Action Plan awards, RHS School Gardening Team of the Year and winner of the Mayor of London’s Climate Kick-Start Prize, and invited Mr Zahawi into the Academy Garden.

After visiting lessons taking place in classrooms, Mr Zahawi spoke with teachers and support staff about the challenges in the sector and thanked them for their efforts during the pandemic.

At the end of his visit, students presented Mr Zahawi with a plant that they had grown during their gardening time.



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Hammersmith Academy Wins Climate Kick Start Award

On Friday 5th November 2021, the Mayor of London announced Hammersmith Academy as one of the winners of the first ever Climate Kick-Start Prize – five London secondary schools who will pioneer forward-thinking environmental projects to engage young Londoners in climate action.

Judges were impressed with the Academy’s proposal of an outdoor kitchen, centred around sustainable food education and healthy eating. Students already grow fruit and vegetable in the school garden which educates students on food production and where our everyday food comes from.

The announcement coincided with Youth and Public Empowerment Day of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26).

The five schools were each awarded £10,000 to kick-start or accelerate environmental action, and their projects are currently being carried out ahead of the 2022 programme. Find out more about their projects below.

Prize winners were announced at a star-studded ceremony at the Barbican, hosted by the Mayor and TV presenter, Paralympian and climate activist, Ade Adepitan MBE. Prizes at the event were presented by celebrity climate ambassadors including BBC Radio 1’s Vick Hope, Olympic BMX champion Beth Schriever, vegan cook and influencer Rachel Ama, BAFTA winning TV presenter Mehreen Baig and ‘The White Queen’ and ‘Victoria’ actor David Oakes.


The Mayor addressed students at the event about their role in tackling some of our planet’s biggest threats – climate change, deforestation, biodiversity loss, air pollution and single-use plastics, as well as what governments and businesses are doing to help accelerate climate action.

The event rounded off a week of hands-on activities which saw thousands of young people take action on the environment in their schools and homes. These included a clean-tech careers taster session hosted by the Royal Institution; a tree planting day hosted by The Conservation Volunteers; a sustainable fashion workshop with the London College of Fashion and a pedal-powered activity day hosted by Sustrans.

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Hammersmith Academy students win first Mayor’s Rifle Regiment Award


Two Hammersmith Academy students were among the four young prize winners from H&F celebrated at the first annual Mayor’s Rifle Regiment Awards Ceremony at the Cavalry and Guards Club in Green Park.


The prizes were in four categories: academic, sport, social contribution and overcoming adversity. The citations for them highlighted their special contributions of each one.

Social Contribution: Marley Billing-Delapenha (age 16), Hammersmith Academy

“Marley, Chair of the Masbro Youth Club Youth Committee, has a burning desire to make the world a better place for young people in the community – something he hopes to advocate more for by joining the H&F Youth Council and running for Youth Mayor. His leadership in running projects such as the London Youth City Leaders Community programme, and mobilising young people for good causes such as delivering food parcels to the elderly during the pandemic has been a shining light for other young people to aspire to.”

Sport: Bayan Al-Ghazzouli (age 15), Hammersmith Academy

“Bayan has been a regular attendee at the football sessions hosted by Sulgrave Youth Club and Chelsea FC Foundation, showing massive commitment and enthusiasm each week.”

Awards ceremony

The ceremony included speakers Major Tattershall and Major Vandaele-Kennedy of the Rifles, Mayor PJ Murphy and Councillor David Morton, H&F representative for the Armed Forces Community, who presented the four young winners with their awards in each respective category.

In his speech, Mayor PJ Murphy said: “We’ve teamed up with the Rifles to celebrate all those young people in our community that just get on and do things and are overlooked by other awards. We want to shout out their selfless achievements and say ‘Thank You’.”

Cllr David Morton, H&F representative for the Armed Forces Community, also congratulated the winners on their fantastic achievements, adding: “We are delighted to participate in this prestigious award from the Rifles, which recognises and rewards the very characteristics which the regiment values in an individual. The enthusiasm, hard work and achievement exhibited by our young people is something of which we can all be proud.”

The Mayor’s Rifles Prize is a newly-established award sponsored by the borough’s regiment, The Rifles, Cllr Morton and Mayor PJ Murphy. The F Rifles Company is the British Army’s West London Reserve Infantry and is based in Princess Louise House in Hammersmith Road.


Source: London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Website

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