Coronavirus – Updates & Information


Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Information

The Academy is now operating a normal timetable with students arriving in time for line up at 8:15am. Year 7 students line up at 7:55am each morning for an extra literacy session before their first timetabled lesson.


Lateral Flow Testing

Home Lateral Flow Testing is the first line of defence against the spread of Covid-19. Tests return a result within 30 minutes and helps to identify positive cases, including asymptomatic cases. Students and staff are issued with home test kits approximately once a month.

Lateral Flow Testing is absolutely vital to ensuring as safe an environment as possible by minimising the risk of positive cases and taking those cases out of circulation.

We all have a crucial part to play by taking two Lateral Flow Tests a week and students and staff should take one Sunday evening and Wednesday evening.



The Academy’s Digital Equality Initiative provides a Chromebook for every student to use at home, enabling fair and equal access to online classes and resources. We have invested heavily in order to ensure students make progress specifically for this kind of occasion.

As parents, you must take full advantage of this available resource and ensure that your child is logging in at the right time and following the timetable at home. Your child’s success is a result of the Academy, parents and students all working together.

If your child has not collected their Chromebook, please email your child’s Student Achievement Manager to arrange for the collection of the device as soon as possible. It is crucial that your child has all the necessary access to ensure that they do not fall behind.

In addition, for those families who have absolutely no wifi access, we may be able to provide access support on a needs basis. Please contact your child’s Student Achievement Manager directly.


Return to School Risk Assessment

The Academy has conducted a risk assessment for the reopening of school. Please click on the below to download.

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Please click on the sidebar links to access the information you require. We will provide updated information surrounding coronavirus (Covid-19) and school closure here. 

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