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    We are in easy reach from various methods of transport:

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    Goldhawk Road (Hammersmith and City Line), Ravenscourt Park (District Line)

    Limited parking is available at Hammersmith Academy. Visitors are encouraged to travel via public transport.

    Should you choose to travel by car please be advised that on street parking is available at a cost of £1.10 per half hour (as of April 2013) chargeable between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm (Mon-Fri).

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A Level Sociology

We all live in society. But how many of us understand its functions?

Ms Lydford (Head of Social Sciences)

Exam Board: OCR

8 or more GCSEs at grades 9-4 including a minimum grade 6 in English Language and a Humanities subject.

Sociology is the study of societies and the way that they shape people’s behaviour, beliefs and identity. Sociology enables us to make sense of the rapidly changing world that we live in. As a Sociology student, you’ll learn about the world around you and the challenges faced by people in society. You’ll develop skills in problem-solving, evaluating evidence, forming reasoned arguments, thinking creatively, and considering different viewpoints. Add to this the experience you’ll get working in a team and using your initiative, and you have a whole host of invaluable skills that can be transferred to lots of different industries.


  • Criminal justice, policing & law (for example, probation officer, paralegal)
  • Media & creative industries (for example, quantitative research executive, media planner, documentary researcher)
  • Education (for example, teacher, youth group worker)
  • Social research (for example, government research officer, third sector research manager)
  • Health and welfare services (for example, educational social worker, family support worker, palliative care assistant)
  • Charity sector (for example, fundraising manager, adoption services manager, team support worker).

Entry & Training

There are plenty of different options when it comes to degrees in either Psychology or Sociology, even before you start looking at combined degrees with a huge range of social sciences. There are also allied degrees such as Criminology and Social Work.

The universities that are at the forefront of a History degree are a similar list to many of the other social sciences:

  • Cambridge
  • Bath
  • Surrey
  • Glasgow
  • Birmingham
  • Exeter
  • Oxford (P)
  • UCL (P)
  • St Andrew’s (P)
  • Buckingham (P)
  • York (P)
  • Southampton (P)
  • Warwick (S)
  • Durham (S)
  • Queen’s Belfast (S)
  • Northampton (S)
  • Leeds (S)
  • Manchester (S)

There are plenty of alternative routes into jobs which might link you back to a passion for psychology or sociology, including apprenticeships, although they might not be immediately obvious and it’s often requires applicants to be able to think laterally. For example, the NHS has a number of apprenticeships and direct entry support roles that might provide a good route into a mental health or social care environment.